Diobagite Zoo
            Diobagite is the only one zoo in Rejang Lebong Regency (include in Bengkulu province-Indoneisa). The place is very beautiful and wide. People around Kesambe village  know this place. This place is located 10 kilometers north of Curup city center. The way to get there is very easy. Just follow the traffic sign and you will find it from STAIN, follow the road to Simpang Lebong then turn left, then follow the road to Suka Raja front side, and go straight follow the way to Lubuk Linggau. Near Talang Ulu,at the curve road Linggau, you will find a gate with Dinosour Statue. There will a notification sounds “DIOBGITE” . To get There, You can take public transportation or by your own vehicle.

            There are many Animals there. We can see many animal there with our family. Almost of animal are in cage. There are many monkeys in iron cages. There is one big pis there. It protects in its wood cage. The animal there include Civet, Eagle, Monkey, Ape, Chicken, Duck, Flamingo, Eagle. In this location, we can enjoy the natural beach breezy wind and beautiful screen. There are many Statue  animal there. There will some fish pons if u go downstair of  the zoo. It is suitable for refrest you from your heavy activity. Beside it, there are child’s play groud there. Such as wave play Ground,and taking bath ball playground. These are suitable for a family which brings their little children. They will more enjoy there. They can see many animal,beautiful screen, take photo with many statue there. If you are hungry, You can go to the restaurant in the Diobagite. We can order foods there. It’s on the front side of Diobagite, near the gate.
            This Diobagite Zoo is not too crowded in usually days. It will be crowded in weekend such as saturday, sunday, or holiday. We had gone there on wednesday and in the afternoon. That’s too lonely for us. There are not others people, except us. We went there by our own motorcycles. It’s about seven motors. Before went there, we gathered in Sri’s bourding house and we would be confused for looking for helmets, but actually we enjoy our trip and tour to Diobagite Zoo. We could see many animals there, had fun there and also took photo together, We felt our together  there. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the fish pons because it’s too afternoon. We had gone home as soon as possible.
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